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Teaching Unit and Latin America Socio - Historical Investigation (UDISHAL)

The main propose of the Unit is to prepair researchers in Latin America societies. The whole issue is being running by Waldo Ansaldi. Institutionally, UDISHAL works at the Social Science Faculty, University of Buenos Aires.

The areas of  UDISHAL are:

Teachers of Latin America Socio - History (EDHISLA),  
Permanent Seminar about Latin America Studies(SEPEAL),
The Investigation Workshop about Latin America History and Sociology (TISHAL),  
The Computer Area Applicants to Social Science
The Publishing Area

EDHISLA is the one that develops the courses: Latin America Social History (HISLA) is an obligatory course at the Sociology Career. The General Direction of the researchers is the responsibility of  Professor Waldo Ansaldi, the Headmaster, and the co-ordination is the responsibility of Professor Mario Petrone. download prg

SEPEAL is a space for forming teachers, and for the intellectual developing of the EDHISLA members. It is also integrated by students (from Sociology, History, Anthropology and Political Science)who are interested in studding the latin america societies. The Direction is the responsibility of Professor Waldo Ansaldi, the co-ordination is about Professor Patricia Funes.

TISHAL wants to improve the practice and theoretical develop of knowledge in historical sociology. This is part of the articulation between the investigation and the producing of new knowledge that has been said before. The workshop is divided in Analysis’ Labs. Nowadays there are four Labs: Country Structures, Policies Dominance Mechanisms, Social Imaginary, Policy System and Party One. Co - ordinates Waldo Ansaldi. Program 2004.

The Computer Area Applicants to Social Science is a field of researching about the possibilities and the possible applications of the computer to the research process in social science, including the production of electronic texts (diskettes and CDs), web pages, etc. It is co-ordinates by Waldo Ansaldi in academic contents.

Publishing Area
reproduces periodically, very important texts just to make easier the activities about formation inside the UDISHAL. This is the reproduction of some texts from magazines or books which are very difficult to get just in the bookstores or in the local libraries, it also reproduces texts of researchers, teachers and advanced students of the Unit. These materials have not a commercial intention, they are published for being used in the different areas of Teachers, Permanent Seminar, Researching Workshop. During 1994, second semester, there were produced 22 microprograms by radio about the actuality in Latin America, they were put in the air by Radio San Juan, later this experience was interrupted. From the middle of 1995 on, it started the production of electronic texts in a co - ordinate work with the Computer Application Center (CINAP - UBA XXII)


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